Acrobat PDF Viewer

Download Adobe Acrobat Viewer

Many PDF files are large and may take awhile to download.

Once you have acquired the Acrobat viewer you must configure your Web browser (e.g. Netscape, Mosaic,etc.) to launch the viewer when you click on a PDF file.

  1. In the preferences or options menu (depending on what browser you are using) you will need to add a new "Helper Application". For Mosaic for Windows you will have to edit the mosaic.ini file.
  2. Select "Helper Applications" or "Apps".
  3. Select "New". Enter "image" for the mime type, "pdf" for the subtype, "pdf" for the extensions.
  4. Select Launch Application (e.g. Acrobat Reader) under the "Action" section.
Now every time you download a PDF file, the acrobat viewer will be launched automatically and enable you to view the file.